Put A Hat On It!

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With spring in full spring, and summer right around the bend, we got to thinking of the perfect accessory for the coming season. Hats! It sounds simple, yet hats are very much underrated. Not only do they provide actual health benefits like keeping your face out of the beaming summer sun, they can add a chic pop to any outfit! Also, hats can take ‘messy hair don’t care’ to a whole other level! Not washed? No problem!


lovely-bird-floppy-hat-in-brown-leather-profile                                                                                                                                                                          img-thing-2


The tried and true floppy hat adds a bohemian touch to your seasonal maxi dress seamlessly. Or you can pop it on with your cut off denim shorts and tee shirt for that beach girl cool feeling. Add one to any ensemble for a 70s glamour vibe!

The other two types of hats every Varga girl needs is a wide brim or a boater hat. Wide brim hats tend are more structured in fit and look great when worn with skinny jeans and your favorite tank, and wide brims are amazing with a sundress!


Hats are the easiest way to feel easy breezy this summer and you can always find amazing styles at your local Varga location! Whatever style you choose to rock this summer, wear it withconfidence girls, because you look great!