Red Lips and Lots of Love

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Life is too short to pretend you hate Taylor Swift.  Heard that before?  That’s because it’s true.  And hey, even if you hold your ground and insist she’s not your cup of tea, you can at least appreciate her sophisticated new look.

Among Taylor’s multiple looks, “cherry lips and crystal skies” seems to be the one causing a storm.  Red lips have become Taylor’s signature, yet she never does it the same each time.  In her new video, Blank Space, it’s apparent that there are three phases of the red lip that makes the boys love her, and regret leaving her.

Phase 1:

“Let’s Be Friends, I’m Dying to See how This One Ends”



This phase is the most versatile way to wear a red lip.  Clean, classic makeup, with subtly winged eyeliner gives you the flexibility to choose any red you want.  Taylor here loves her glamorous matte red to bring the focus in on her lips.  This look is easy to do for just about anybody, and can pretty much take you anywhere.  Going out to the movies, to a holiday party, or out to an interview, you can pull off this sophisticated look with the right attitude.  A smart red lip gives you that perfect Taylor-ized blend of the girly and innocent, yet powerful and independent look.  The possibilities of what you can do with this look are endless.

Phase 2:

“I Can Make the Bad Guys Good for a Weekend”



This next lipstick look can take your image to a whole new level.  From the versatile bright red to a deeper cherry color, you’ll notice heads start to turn. Paired with a cute and romantic outfit, Taylor can add the sensual cherry lip to create an interesting balance.  The romantic dresses give off a young and carefree image, but pairing it with the cherry lips adds an air of sassy sophistication and a hint of mystery.  You’ll be the chic girl next door that everyone will want to know more about.

Phase 3:

“Love’s a Game, Wanna Play?”



The last of Taylor’s look is the one dripping in drama that will leave you breathless.  Deep reds that blend with shades of plum combine to create a rock n roll, don’t-mess-with-me look.  Adding dramatic dark eye make up creates a statement with both your eyes and your lips, giving you the player “bad girl” image that the boys can’t resist.  Be careful though, because this look can get a little gothic if not applied delicately!  Use Taylor as your kickass lipstick leader to know just how much is enough.

When it comes to creating interesting and dynamic looks with just a tube of lipstick, Taylor is the queen of this revolution.  As much as society wants to deny their love for her, she definitely leaves her mark on the beauty industry we all take part in.  Here at Varga, we are obsessed with this “riveting red” movement.  Especially with the holiday season just getting started, we want to create a statement with our beauty products as well as our fashion line.  Check out some of our dresses, accessories, and products to put some riveting red into your holiday look.  And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one to snag a Kennedy. 😉


Varga Girl

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