The Golden Age

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Hey LA girls!

We know between the warm afternoons, beach days, and your undeniable need to wear high waisted cut offs, it doesn’t feel like autumn is actually here.  The only reason we know for sure is because Starbucks has updated their seasonal menus.  But just because fall doesn’t consume our city with red and gold leaves, doesn’t mean we can’t participate in the new styles and trends this season!  This fall, we are really excited about wearing metallics!  Even though autumn is traditionally the season to wear warm, earthy tones- this season challenges that by making metallic gold your new favorite part about fall fashion.  On you will see our new arrivals express our love for all things glittery gold.  Trust us, you will want to make metallic gold the new black.  So now, as you continue to spend your afternoons in the autumn sun, your outfits, accessories, and shoes will be on point with this season’s favorite look!


Varga Girl

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