When Supermodels Ruled the World

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When supermodels ruled the world

Back then, models weren’t just pretty clothes hangers — they warranted cult-status obsession. With Kate Moss’s captivating face, Cindy Crawford’s iconic mole, Naomi Campbell’s legs for days and Linda Evangelistas ever-changing hair styles are just a few things that made these gorgeous woman larger than life in the 90s. Supermodels in the 90s embodied the ultimate female. They had curves and sex appeal and made every article of clothing look like perfection. Taking over the media with Pepsi commercials, hosting gigs and lead roles in music videos were something the public was not only ok with, but wanted more of. Their famous faces graced the cover of every major magazine for years and their mega celebrity status have their careers running well into their forties.  Age has not played any role in the way they look today, they still look as fabulous as they did in their twenties.

My favorite 90s supermodel is Christy Turlington, whos yours?


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